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International Coordination and Development Programme

What Makes International Coordination and Development Programme different from others?

Universities and colleges are realizing the importance of understanding different cultures across the world and their work ethics and so Student Exchange Programmes open a world of possibilities for students. When one experiences a diverse culture through the educational exchange, S/he gains a profound understanding of  foreign cultures which  broaden their mind via strengthening international relationships. Shaheed Bhagat Singh College has gone an extra mile by being the only college in the South Campus of Delhi University which has adopted the concept of student exchange programme .

The college has a vibrant exchange programme in collaboration with a number of institutions across the world. International Coordination and Development Programme (ICDP) is an emerging society of the college and is a robust student exchange programme.


Studying abroad provides the opportunity to gain a different perspective, not only on academic subjects but also on the way of life.  According to the Association of Graduate Recruiters, companies cannot find enough applicants with the requisite skills to operate in an international market place, indicating that greater efforts by schools , colleges or universities in fostering global awareness and international collaboration are needed to best prepare our students and ourselves for life in the 21st century. Learning a new language,  different aspects of education systems across the world ,  perspective of students belonging to different parts of the world are some of the first hand benefits of an extensive student exchange programmes.

What sets this society different from others is the concept it works upon , which is , imbibing the elements of different cultures in this era of globalization via a student exchange programme. Though it is only a few months old , it is the biggest emerging society of our college. Every member of ICDP is an achiever. 

Also, International Coordination and Development Programme helps the students to have a bright future ahead of them professionally. For Example, Being able to showcase the advantages of learning and adjusting in another country will definitely boost up future job prospects. Understanding people belonging to vibrant ethnicities, their opinions and their language help in imprinting the first hand experience of “diversity” on one’s mind. Being an exchange student is a rewarding  but challenging experience . So here at ICDP , we have a team of dedicated faculty members and diligent members who are working every minute to make student exchange a reality for the students of SBSC. We have tentatively collaborated with universities across the globe including University of British Columbia, University of Chicago and New York University. Currently, we are reaching out to different renowned educational institutions all over the world for collaborations. The team of ICDP will surely advance towards the idea of multiculturalism. With hard work and passion of its members and faculty, we hope to succeed with flying colours !