International Coordination and Development Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

When was ICDP established and how many exchanges have taken place?

ICDP is a recently established society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and was founded in 2018 itself with high spirits and well laid objectives and vision. Seeking the right opportunity at the right time, soon it will be conducting its foremost cultural and student exchange .

Which universities have been collaborated with?

ICDP has tentatively collaborated with universities across the globe including University of British Columbia, University of Chicago and New York University. Currently, it is reaching out to different renowned educational institutions all over the world for collaboration.

Why educational and cultural exchanges?

Educational and Cultural exchanges provide an opportunity to explore other education systems, cultures, traditions, customs, beliefs, societies, languages and much more. Hence, such opportunities make you view the world with a different lens. This provides alternative perspectives! It broadens one's horizons and increases the tendency of acceptance.

Who can you contact for more information or for collaborations?

For any further the applicants can reach us on our website or by mailing us their concerns at icdp@sbs.du.ac.in

How you can be the member of ICDP society?

You can send your resume at our email icdp@sbs.du.ac.in and then we will call you for an interview. Kindly visit our website for our recruitment drives.

Why are international collaborations needed?

In dubiously international collaborations between universities are beneficial to all, from the faculty and students to the world as a whole. In the wake of globalisation the number of students choosing to study internationally is constantly increasing and, for this reason, it is only logical that institutions would want to collaborate to ensure they embrace a global culture, academic and scientific progress.

How will students benefit from multiculturalism?

When one experiences a diverse culture through the educational exchange, he or she gains a profound understanding of foreign cultures which broadens the mind via strengthening international relationships. Studying abroad provides with the opportunity to gain a different perspective, not only on academic subjects but also the way of life.


International Coordination and Development Programme (ICDP) is an emerging society of the college which is a robust student exchange programme. ICDP very well recognises and strives to aid in fulfilling the gap between the existing skills and required global interaction of the students. ICDP strives to provide the first hand benefits to the students to broaden their perspective and provide them with world class opportunities to develop their net worth.It is also our aim to help students seek admissions in foreign universities for further education.